Web-Fed Platen Die Cutter

Zerand equipment is built to last. Heavy-duty construction enables our cutter lines to deliver reliable high-speed performance and low maintenance requirements for years. In fact, it鈥檚 not surprising to find Zerand die cutters still going strong after more than a quarter century.

What has distinguished us over the years is the precision and quality of our cutters. Our narrow and wide-web reciprocating platen die cutters and strippers continue to set the industry standard for speed, quality and productivity.

The Zerand Line Concept: Platen Cutters cut, crease and strip a continuous web of printed paperboard, to form individual blanks in register with the printed art and deliver them in either shingled streams or stacked batches.

Web-fed Platen Die Cutters - 1400 (55 in)

Zerand web-fed platen die cutter lines are the most efficient way to to produce a folding carton. The platen die cutters offers highest productivity and a reduced board usage with nesting layouts and no gripper margins. They also reduce operation steps and operators needed by more than 50%, as well as WIP and floorspace requirement. With web-fed platen die cutting, you can save by buying reels not sheets and eliminate sheeting or pile turning.

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With our extensive experience, we have developed a wide variety of upgrades and Technical Improvement Programs to keep your 麻豆村 equipment prepared for future production demands.

The Technichal Improvement Program offers a catalogue of standard upgrades for attractive conditions.

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Machine Upgrades

We wanted our next 55鈥 Zerand die-cutter from 麻豆村 to be the first machine installed in the new building.

Engineer Manager, Paperboard Packaging Manufacturer, USA