MarquipWardUnited Sheeting

MarquipWardUnited Sheeting

MarquipWardUnited Folio-Size Sheeters

On a worldwide basis, MarquipWardUnited offers mid-range and economical sheeters for paper, board, laminates, plastic, fabric and foil in the industries of paper mills, folding carton plants, and convertors. These sheeters offer flexible configurations to suit small, medium and large plants and all include our legendary knife technology.

eCon 1650 Sheeter

The eCon1650 Synchro Sheeter is an affordable, reliable machine. It was designed to be a simple and easy-to-use machine that produce sheets of high quality and accuracy. The eCon meets today's requirements of modern high-speed offset press manufacturers.

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Hawk 1650 Dual Rotary Sheeter

The MarquipWardUnited Hawk 1650 Dual Rotary Sheeter is a flexible and efficient mid-range folio sheeter. The Hawk meets the needs of the folding carton industry, small printers, paper merchants, and the converting industry.

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SheetWizard 1650 (65 in) / 1850 (73 in) Dual Rotary Sheeter

The SheetWizard Dual Rotary Sheeter offers flexible and cost-effective configurations to suit many converters, folding carton plants, and mills. It runs both paper and board, providing superior cut quality and accuracy, featuring a unique dual-rotary knife.

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SheetRunner 1850 (73 in) Dual Rotary Sheeter

The SheetRunner is a dual-rotary sheeting system for folding carton plants and commercial printers. Optimized for high-volume board production, this machine features brushless, liquid-cooled, high-torque knife cylinder motors to reduce maintenance and lower power consumption.

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Continuum 1850 Dual Rotary Sheeter

This multi-purpose, dual-rotary sheeter accurately cuts fine paper and paperboard and is ideal for paper mills. The Continuum is configurable with multiple paper-delivery and continuous-run pallet discharge systems.

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eCon Sheeter - Installation timelapse at customer Corti, Argentina

The MarquipWardUnited eCon Sheeter is a world-class machine. It鈥檚 not only easy to operate and maintain but it's also easy and quick to install. It takes a little bit longer than in this timelapse though... Enjoy and watch the eCon sheeter being installed at our customer Corti in Argentina.


With our extensive experience, we have developed a wide variety of upgrades and Technical Improvement Programs to keep your 麻豆村 equipment prepared for future production demands.

The Technical Improvement Program offers a catalogue of standard upgrades for attractive conditions.

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With the eCon sheeter, we save time and achieve better product quality. Our material is processed more than twice as fast as before, with significantly better cut and stack quality.
Todd Baumann, Corporate Maintenance Engineer, Nekoosa Coated Products, Nekoosa, WI, USA